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Jeffrey Dean Morgan to drive Indy 500 pace car
From Associated Press
May 25, 2017 6:37 PM EST

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Jeffrey Dean Morgan, one of the stars of the hit TV show "The Walking Dead," will drive the pace car Sunday for the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500.

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Thu May 25 19:21:37 EDT 2017

Like the majority of This Is Us‘ dedicated fan base, Mandy Moore has some burning questions about the upcoming season 2 that have yet to be answered.

Speaking with PEOPLE at the 38th College Television Awards at the Wolf Theater in North Hollywood on Wednesday, Moore revealed that she’s intrigued by the evolution of Rebecca (Moore) and Miguel’s (Jon Huertas) relationship and is looking forward to unraveling their story.

“Because I know a lot of what happens, I’m excited to see, which I don’t think will happen in season 2, I want to see the evolution of Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship, like how that happened. I’ve heard that that potentially will be later in season 2, maybe beginning of season 3,” said Moore, 33. “And I want to know what happened with Rebecca and Kate’s relationship, why it’s fractured, and why there’s that disconnect.”

Audiences learned in the first season of the NBC family drama that Rebecca’s husband, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), dies at some point, and she later marries his best friend, Miguel. Viewers are also given snippets of information about Rebecca and her daughter Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) broken relationship, which Moore believes will “get addressed more” in season 2.

RELATED VIDEO: Milo Ventimiglia Talks About His Butt’s Star Turn in ‘This Is Us’

Despite being a star of the show, even Moore is in the dark about what’s to come for the cast’s storyline when she returns to work in July.

“The writers, as far as I understand, don’t even convene until next month. But Milo, of course, because he knows everything, had dinner with Dan Fogelman a couple months ago, and apparently, I’ve heard that some answers people didn’t get in the end of season 1 will be addressed to a certain extent in the beginning of season 2,” she explained.

Although Moore is not yet a parent herself, she credits the series, in which she plays a mother of three, for teaching her a thing or two about motherhood.

“I’m thinking about that next chapter of my life. So it’s not like I’m playing something that feels false, in that sense. If anything, it’s like, it’s sort of ignited this excitement of like, wow, I feel slightly better prepared for that next chapter, whenever that happens,” she said. “It’s a total trial run because you get to have the babies, and then when they act up and they get fussy, mom is right there to sort of like pass them over.”

Having lived a majority of her life in front the public eye, she understands what it feels like to transition from childhood to adulthood in show business — but even she still feels like a kid at times.

“You still feel like the kid, and I started to realize that probably never changes. I just finished working on a film with all young people, like 16, 18, and I realized, I was like, oh wait, I’m the adult in the movie,” she explained. “It’s crazy to sort of come to that realization. I did really kind of relish being the young person, but I also have no problem transitioning to this point in my life either. I’m not someone that’s going to like cling on for dear life to yesteryear. I’m happy to sort of evolve and grow up. I don’t need to go back to my teenage years by any means.”

FROM PEN: Joss Whedon: Buffy and Angel “Is The Grandest Love Story I’ll Ever Tell”

Moore, who recently purchased a new home, which is undergoing renovations, specifically remembered a moment when she fully understood what it meant to be an adult with responsibilities.

“I think the first time there was a massive like flood in my house. I realized, I was like, oh, this is the part of being an adult that’s no fun. It was like the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t know what kind of like sewage in my basement — it was awful,” she explained, and added, “Those are the sorts of experiences that you’re like, I wish I had mom and dad around to still help with that.”

Season 2 of This Is Us returns this fall on NBC.

Thu May 25 19:07:48 EDT 2017

If he was still alive, John F. Kennedy would turn 100 years old on May 29 — and although his grandchildren never met the former president, who was assassinated in 1963 at age 46, his ideals continue to impact the nation and their own lives.

In a video made in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Library in honor of the centennial, the president’s daughter Caroline Kennedy and her three children — Rose, 28, Tatiana, 27, and Jack, 24 —remember President Kennedy’s legacy.

“I’ve thought about him and missed him every day of my life, but growing up without him was made easier thanks to all of the people who kept him in their heart,” said Caroline, the 59-year-old former president’s only living child.

She reminisced about hiding under the Oval Office desk and sailing with her father as a child.

“He is a historical figure,” Caroline said. “One hundred years is a really long time, but I think his legacy and these values are timeless and they live on.”

Tatiana, a climate change reporter for the New York Times, shared that she connects with her grandfather by studying history, a pastime also enjoyed by President Kennedy.

“While my grandfather had reverence for the past and the lessons it could impart, he also knew that America was a country where change was possible, where we aren’t bound solely by tradition, if we understand the past with which we are breaking,” she said.

Rose, a spitting image of her grandmother Jackie Kennedy, spoke about her grandfather’s push for equality — work that continues today in injustices such as voting rights and mass incarceration.

“My grandfather would be proud of how far we’ve come as a nation since 1963, but he’d have been the first to tell us that we have a long way to go,” she said.

WATCH: JFK’s Grandson Jack Introduces Obama for Profile in Courage Award – as Former President Urges ‘Courage’ in Health Care Fight

Jack talked about President Kennedy’s concern for the environment and the ongoing issue of climate change.

“He cared deeply about the environment, about science and technology,” Jack said. “And he recognized that only if America leads the world in solving global problem can we make sure that it’s done right.”

“Great challenges are opportunities,” he continued. “I know that we’re up to the task, but we have to demand action from our leaders, and we have to vote.”

Thu May 25 19:05:19 EDT 2017


Thousands mourned the 2009 death of Michael Jackson, but none more than his own children.

Two weeks after Jackson’s death, from cardiac arrest brought on by powerful sedatives, his three kids – Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., nicknamed “Prince,” then 12, Paris Michael Jackson, then 11, and Prince Michael Jackson II, nicknamed “Blanket,” then 7 – fought back tears in a downtown Los Angeles sports arena filled with nearly 10,000 mourners.

In the years since that public memorial, the Jackson kids have had an unorthodox upbringing and weathered the squabbles of the sprawling Jackson clan but have done their best to lead normal lives.

“The kids live like Michael is constantly looking down upon them,” a family friend says in the current issue of PEOPLE. But Blanket, now 15, “has had the most problems adjusting after Michael died. He acted very lost and extremely upset.”

For more on the Jackson children and their life now, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

In 2015 after reportedly being bullied for years, he changed his name to Bigi.

Although still “shy around people he doesn’t know,” he is now “confident” in his Los Angeles private school environment, focused on grades, sports, movies and hanging out with his friends and nearly 30 cousins.

It’s not exactly clear who is directly in charge of the teenager — whose mother was an unidentified surrogate — due to ongoing family disputes, but the 15-year-old lives at grandmother Katherine Jackson’s Calabasas, California, mansion under the custody of Katherine, 87, and co-guardian T.J. Jackson, 38, Michael’s nephew.

Michael’s relationship with his children is at the center of the Searching For Neverland, a May 29 Lifetime biopic which is based on the bestselling book about Jackson’s final years by two of his bodyguards.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A man wearing body armor and a mask backed a tractor-trailer through the gate of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch before dawn Thursday and crashed it into the front door of the famed Nevada brothel featured in the CatHouse reality television show, according to authorities and the brothel's owner.

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — The Latest on the investigation into the Manchester concert bombing (all times local): 10:55 p.m. British police say they have resumed sharing intelligence about the Manchester bombing with U.S.

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — The suspect in the deadly Manchester concert bombing was driven by what he saw as unjust treatment of Arabs in Britain, a relative said Thursday, confirming he made a final phone call in which he pleaded: "Forgive me."

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell will be laid to rest Friday at a private memorial service at a Hollywood cemetery that is the final resting place of numerous stars.

NEW YORK (AP) — Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will start a new weekly talk show on the religious Trinity Broadcasting Network this fall.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A woman who said she was assaulted at rapper 50 Cent's Connecticut mansion in 2009 has dropped a lawsuit against him and his G-Unit Film & Television production company.

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook's CEO returned to Harvard Thursday, telling graduates that it is up to their generation to create a purpose for today's world, to care about others, to fight inequality and strengthen the global community.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — After two years of silence amid an onslaught of sexual assault allegations, comedian Bill Cosby is sending carefully targeted messages about racial bias across the media landscape ahead of his June 5 trial in suburban Philadelphia.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Blake Lively is set to star in an adaptation of the best-seller "The Husband's Secret," from "Big Little Lies" author Liane Moriarty.

NEW YORK (AP) — In a story May 24 about Sean Hannity, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Seth Rich was a Democratic National Committee chairman.

CANNES, France (AP) — The Cannes Film Festival, with its late-night soirees and throngs of paparazzi, isn't an ideal place for children.

NEW YORK (AP) — NBC is saying bye-bye this year to its tradition of an annual live holiday musical. The network confirming that "Bye Bye Birdie" has been pushed from its announced December airdate into 2018.

LONDON (AP) — Aerosmith's Joe Perry says the band's European dates will not be canceled in the wake of Monday's deadly attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

NEW YORK (AP) — David Hallberg is working on a memoir about his rise from childhood bullying victim to principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet.

"Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland says her skinny appearance lately is due to a medical condition. The 26-year-old says in a social media post that critics have accused her of promoting anorexia in pictures she's posted.

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — It was not just family and friends mourning Martyn Hett this week. Even Mariah Carey was shocked by his death in the Ariana Grande concert bombing.

CANNES, France (AP) — It's a long way from May in France to February in Los Angeles, but the Cannes Film Festival has often been a breeding ground for Academy Awards campaigns.

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II met Thursday with children injured in the Manchester concert bombing, consoling them and pronouncing the attack at an event attended by so many young people "wicked."

Ariana Grande's manager says he plans to honor those killed during the bombing of her concert with "love and joy and life." Scooter Braun writes on Twitter that "the wish of terrorism is to take away that feeling of freedom and joy."

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In 2000, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was trying to break into Hollywood. He was off to an OK start. The pro-wrestler already had a following, a role in "The Mummy Returns" and high-wattage charm.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The advocacy group GLAAD says the representation of LGBTQ characters in major Hollywood films increased nearly 1 percent in 2016, but the group says many of the portrayals weren't positive.

NEW YORK (AP) — Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father who became a national celebrity after speaking at last year's Democratic National Convention, has a book planned for young readers.

BOSTON (AP) — Oprah Winfrey told students to live with purpose. President Donald Trump said to ignore the naysayers. Will Ferrell sang some Whitney Houston.